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Sausage Casings

Our natural casings are sourced from leading manufacturers DAT-Schaub, SOUSSANA and DOHR. All companies select and calibrate natural casings to very high standards. This guarantees almost uniform natural casings, which will run equally well on conventional filling machines and automatic filler-linkers.

Hog Casings

Danish Hog Casings from DAT-Schaub

Selected and calibrated Danish hog casings with calibration ranging from 30/32 to 40/44, guaranteed length of 91 meters per bundle. Vacuum packed or dry salted.

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English Hog Casings

From Westerleigh abattoir (EC standard). Calibrated 30/32, 32/35, selected, and packed for CMT by one of the oldest English Casing Selectors (BRC-approuved). One strand of 8m per spool, 50 spools per bucket. Not bleached. Ideal for all sausage makers who care about the raw materials used for their sausages.

European Hog Casings from DOHR

Special selection of European material, cal 30/33, 8m+ per hank, soft tube. Ideal for Continental sausages.

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Hog Casings for Special Applications

Chitterlings with tied ends for dried sausages (saucisson), dried and tubed hog casings (FUSEX ) for salamis, chorizo and similar sausages.

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Sheep Casings

Spooled and loose sheep casings of all common calibres.

English sheep casings on spools

NZ A-Quality sheep casings on softtube

Ideal for Hot Dogs, Frankfurters, Merguez etc.

Hukki Salami Casings

Special salami casings made from hardened protein. Attractive patterns for enhanced marketing of the product. Calibers from 30mm to 110 mm, cut to customer requirements, looped with ties, easy peel.

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Meat Cracks