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Curing Salts, Seasonings and Functional Ingredients for Salamis and Chorizos

Ingredients for all kinds of Salamis and Chorizos. Vast range of starter cultures to cater for all flavour and maturation profiles. Original and authentic seasonings, modular system.

Curing Salts

  • Continental Curing Salt
    0.6% nitrite


  • Salami Compound Seasoning
    all in one easy to use ingredient, designed to be used with SG38 culture
  • Chorizo Compound Seasoning
    all in one ingredient for use with SG38 culture, lots of paprika
  • Snack Salami
    for use with LSBA15
  • Saucisson Sec (Episec)
    for use with SG38
  • Mediterranean Salami
    for use with SG38
  • Chorizo Majorca
    complete blend, strong colour development

Functional Ingredients

  • Sugars
  • Reddening aids
  • Fermentation boosters

Starter Cultures

  • LSBA15
    all purpose culture, fast acting, inbuilt additional protection
  • SG38
    all purpose culture, fast acting, mild flavour
  • SK20
    mould culture for dense, white surface mould

Meat Cracks