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New Products

Gluten-Free Traditional Sausage Mix

For many years now our CMT Traditional Breadcrumb Sausage Mix is being used as an ingredient for many successful sausages. And there is no reason to believe that this success will not continue in future.

But now we can offer a REVOLUTIONARY gluten-free variation of our "Traditional" to complement our conventional "Traditional". On the Continent we have found a crumb, that can replace the breadcrumbs, which contain gluten. All other ingredients of the mix remain unchanged. This means, that we still use all the herbs and spices and all the technological substances like colour and flavour enhancer in our GLUTEN-FREE Traditional Sausage Mix. This ensures that the famous flavour profile has not been changed for the GLUTEN-FREE variation of the CMT Traditional Sausage.

It also means that one can use this product in exactly the same way as the conventional Traditional Sausage Mix. Neither the recipe nor the method for making sausages have to be changed.

Our GLUTEN-FREE Traditional Sausage Mix is packed in cases of 5x1.25 kg and costs £ 5.45/kg or £ 34.06 per case. This equates to only approx 35p/lb (70p/kg) finished Traditional Sausage.

If you would like to try our new GLUTEN-FREE Traditional Sausage Mix, then please contact us or return the fax order note you can download from this link.

CMT Introduces Revolutionary
Gluten-free "Rusk"

Consumers increasingly ask for food, which does not contain gluten. In the past it was not possible to produce traditional, conventional British sausages without using rusk as a filler. Yet rusk contains gluten. CMT offers a functional ingredient, which acts like rusk, but is glutenfree. In blind tastings consumers could not distinguish between conventional sausages, made with pinhead rusk and sausages, made with CMT glutenfree "rusk". CMT glutenfree "rusk" acts and looks just like ordinary rusk and is used in exactly the same way.

CMT Gluten-free "Rusk" is packed in 25 kg bags.

Gluten-free Burgers

Frikadellen Delitop RMP

Product Code 408.35

Elegant seasoning with slight paprika pungency, refined with nutmeg and ginger.

rice products, spices, common salt, dextrose, spice extracts

Pack Size: 1 kg

NEW Clean Label, E Number Free Air Dried Ham

In conjunction with Oltmer Food Consulting of Germany CMT has developed a recipe to produce clean label, e number free air dried hams, panchetta etc.

This advanced curing technology is based on specially selected sea salt and nitrate reducing bacteria cultures. These cultures activate the tiniest amounts of naturally occurring nitrate and thereby cure the meat. E number free seasonings can be added to create different flavours.

This surely is the best way to produce air dried hams, bacon, Panchetta, Coppa etc.

Marinades from Gewuerzmueller

Gewuerzmueller of Germany have added 2 exciting marinades to their already extensive range. As always, ingredients of the highest quality are mixed using the latest blending technology.

More gluten free Sausage Mixes based on our REVOLUTIONARY gluten free crumbs

Following the success of our “gluten free Traditional Sausage Mix” we have developed the following further GLUTEN FREE Sausage Mixes:

Recipes are included in the recipe section.

Gluten-free Burgers

Frikadellen/Hackbraten RMP

Product Code 408.34

Seasoning refined with onion and chives.

rice products, spices, common salt, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, stabiliser: sodium acetate E 262, dextrose, antioxidant: ascorbic acid E 300, flavour, spice extracts

Pack size: 1 kg

Meat Cracks