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Curing Salts, Seasonings and Functional Ingredients for Hams, Gammon and Bacon

Ingredients for injection and cover brines and dry cured bacon. Colour stabilisation by using the latest biotechnology. Original flavours and authentic seasonings.

Curing Salts

  • Supersalz Cure
    blend of nitrate and nitrite
  • Continental Curing Salt
    0.6% nitrite
  • Wiltshire Ham Cure
    complete blend for Wiltshire Hams


  • Delicatess Lakewuerzung 10
    Sucrose, salt, dextrose, aroma, glucose syrup, Spice extract (celery) spicy roast flavour, fine garlic and celery note
  • Super Spice Ham
    Dextrose, aroma, salt, glucose syrup, smoke aroma, spice extract
  • Lakewuerzung Dob 200
    Glucose syrup, sucrose, salt, aroma, dextrose, smoke aroma, spice extract
  • Schinkentop L oG
    Inverted sugar, water, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate E301, flavourings
  • Schiadit Top L oG
    Maltodextrin, dextrose, flavourings, antioxidante: sodium ascorbate E301,
  • Jambon Royale Superieure
    Dextrose, glucose syrup, sugar, salt, antioxidant: sodium erythorbate E316
  • Jambon Royale Saumure
    Dextrose, saccharose, flavourings, high-quality ham, free from glutamate
  • Lakarom W
    Juniper flavour
  • Lakarom D
    Sweet Italian flavour
  • Lakarom H
    Honey extract


  • Pork Protein
    high-yield protein for economy hams
  • Beef Protein
    protein for high-yield cured, cooked beef products

Cultures for Live Brines

  • SM96 arom
    non-acidifying culture, staphylococci, micrococci.
  • SG96
    Combination of nitrate / nitrite reducing, catalase positive, flavour forming staphylococci and micrococci. Quick color formation, a very good stability of color and an explicitly extended fat stability. The culture induces a very good aroma. This product does not contain any acidifiers and ensures a very good nitrate reductase.

Shelf Life Extension

  • MeatSafe DZM3
    Glucose syrup, plant extracts, Suppresses Listeria monocytogenes and St. Aureus.
    Surface treatment by spraying or dipping
  • MeatSafe DZM15
    Sodium Acetat E262,Calcium lactate E327, glucose syrup, salt, plant extracts.
    Added during tumbling
  • MeatSafe DZM40
    Potassium lactate E326, water, sodium acetate E262, salt, plant extracts.
    Added to brine for injection

Sodium Reduction

  • MC NaRed KS
    E508 Potassium Chloride, Glucose Syrup. E331 Trisodium Citrate, Aroma, Spice Extracts

Meat Cracks